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tv   [untitled]    November 26, 2012 11:30pm-12:00am PST

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the immediate vicinity, and they gave very nice favorable comments on festa. i would like to say by the way, we very much appreciated the commission's help and guidance as we moved through this process, it's been much appreciated. well, on the outreach program, again, i think it's fair to say that masae and her team have built very good and friendly relations with all the neighboring businesses in the building. the overwhelming majority of the neighboring businesses and the neighboring residents have proved to be highly supportive of festa in addition to very positive informal comments, she's received letters of support from the landlord, and 12 neighboring businesses in the immediate area, restaurants, bars, cafes and a
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few others inside the building. she's also received favorable comments from the nearest residential neighbors living right across the street on post street who have reported, one of them have given us a letter confirming this, no noise letter coming, as far as the residents are concerned. security has been a very high priority, needless to say right from the beginning, the access to festa is exclusively from inside the building, so there's no direct on the street access, people have to come through the mall to get to festa and the mall is patrolled by their own security personnel. within the building, the security people, there are two security guards, they're on duty at all time during the hours of operation and they
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regularly patrol inside the mall. festa itself also has its own doorman who's constantly on duty at the entrance to festa on weekends to monitor the clients as they come and go and make sure they're well behaved and adhering to all the rules including an i.d. check, thanks. there are two security cameras immediately in the area of festa, one of them is their own security camera and that covers the entrance and the surrounding area immediately outside festa's own entrance and festa has its own security camera also immediately over the entrance and the exit area. >> okay, thank you. >> i'm going on too long i'm afraid. >> i think we can see that you've done your due diligence about security and the mall, so that's great. >> could i say a word about the local economy which i think is a positive factor?
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>> well, i think that we are -- it's all in the application and we understand about our -- we are supposed to promote and regulate night life and we understand the value of night life. >> right, i apologize for going on too long. >> no, it's fine. >> i love the idea of having karaoke in one place where everyone can hear everybody else and laugh at them. i love that idea as opposed to little rooms, it's great. >> it says this is the best place to sing karaoke, so kudos to you, it says the song selection gets better with every visit. >> and i would like to thank you for whenever you are notified for coming directly and working on that -- working on your permits and stuff like that, that speaks highly of how you will manage this place. >> thank you. >> is there any public comment
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on this? seeing none, the matter is with the commission. oh, police. >> they were coming up during public comment, so i was kind of expecting that. yeah, you can -- thank you. >> hello commissioners, officer dave frias, northern station has no objection to this permit. i met with masae and i asked her immediately if she could get do the letters to the community to show their support and they did that immediately and i was very satisfied with that. i was satisfied with the security as well. thank you. >> congratulations, this is your first time in front of your commission? >> yeah, i'm excited to be here. er >> good job, good job. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> is there anymore public
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comment? alright, now the matter is with the commission. >> i move to approve. >> i second. >> commissioner akers? >> aye. >> commissioner perez? >> aye. >> commissioner hyde? >> aye. commissioner joseph? >> aye. commissioner tan? >> aye. >> commissioner [inaudible]. >> item e kyung kim dba town music studio. >> the applicant has requested for this to be continued. >> i move to continue. >> second. >> yeah, come on up. >> dave frias, northern station, we request that the meeting be continued to next month as well. >> okay, great.
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>> thank you. >> i move to continue. >> second. >> commissioner akers? >> aye. >> commissioner perez? >> aye. >> commissioner tan? >> aye. >> commissioner lee. >> aye. >> and that is item number f, richard einselen, dba, balancoire. >> i didn't put the correct french spelling there, so it's not your fault, 2565 mission, it's the space formerly known as the blue macall, it will be a full service restaurant and dinner club, it will allow the venue to have live music, dancing private party and events, this has been in the works for sometime and the applicant has done extensive outreach including doing a meet
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and greet for neighbors, there's been no opposition to us, [inaudible] they've proposed 15 additional conditions to the permit application, but i will let them speak to that. >> i'm in the process of purchasing the blue macob and it will be a full service restaurant, we'll be opening up in the morning between 6 and 7 for coffee, we'll be doing casian type food, there will be a selection of french entrees and asian field entrees, we'll also be doing some clubbing events in the evening and i'll
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also be making the venue available to some of the neighborhood community organizations for -- i've been in contact with one of them working with the martha kalderone with the commission centers and we'll be doing charity drives or whatever, and i guess that's it unless i have any questions. i met with -- a while back, i met with the permit officer, officer gary buck ner at the time and we went through my security plan and the conditions that seemed acceptable except for one which i had a nagging question on and the officer will address that, she sent me an e-mail on that
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today. any questions? >> so, am i correct in assuming here, this is a place of entertainment plus an extended hours permit until 4:00 in the morning? >> no, the extended hours, we scratched that. >> so, that's a place of entertainment and you intend to be open from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m.? >> right. >> you were talking about your eaw speakers and you're talking about three amp mri fao*irs, that is one of the most powerful amp that they make, in that neighborhood, you'd be shaking the building behind you as has been our experience with the blue mcaw and then you have 1 thousand shot per channel.
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>> the sound system in their application is the same as the blue m cc aw, it has not been changed so everything you're saying is absolutely correct. we have also talked to them and that the operational consideration and so forth that were put on the blue m cc aw is being put on them before, so the sound control, we don't foresee any problems because it's the exact operation both in sound system and parameters. >> also i spoke with the neighbors that had the units behind the blue m cc aw and they have really -- he told me there's been no issues.
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>> my concern is that in looking at your application, it seems great that you're going to do french food and stuff but it seems that your personal background doesn't have any entertainment in it. >> that's okay because my background is project manager, and what i've learned as a project manager, you don't have to be an expert in what you're doing if you bring the right people in. >> that might be true, that's why i want you to understand that the amp fao*irs and the speakers that you're purchaser in this club are very powerful and although our sound officer will set you at a level, you have to make sure that people performing, whether they are dj's or bands do not override that level, do not push the amps, you have to be cognizant of what's going to happen, there are lots of neighbors around that venue. >> i do understand that.
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i've been there many nights with the current owner and what she does and what i will continue to do is monitor that during the evening, the the dj's get a little crazy and try to crank it up -- >> how do you intend on monitoring it, using your ears? >> yes, we do -- that's what she currently uses, yes. >> is her ears? >> just so you know, i'm just going to -- that sound travels, okay, so it's physics, sound travels and sound -- certainly frequencies of sound build up when the longer the distance that they travel, so a basement for instance, you could stand next to it and it will sound a certain way and if you went down the block, it would be exponentially louder, that's how base travelers. >> i get you.
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>> and i have one other question. in your security plan, attitude check is a door policy, really? it says attitude check. >> can we get clarification on that? >> i don't know that i've seen that before actually. >> commissioners, good evening, my name is shaw, head of shaw security, attitude check is one of many ways that you can address this, simply they say how are you, they respond back, i'm going great, or they get attitude from them, those are the kind of tools as security doormen we have to make sure we're getting the right kind of clientele in, so it's a
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colloqialism. >> and during the week, patrol and perimeter as needed, what does that mean? >> as needed is in preference to entertainment, if tles ao no entertainment happening on a thursday night, if they're just serving dinner, they won't have security present. >> got you, okay, thank you. >> can i ask a question about the floor plan, so it looks like what you provided here, it's not laid out as a restaurant, can you describe -- i don't see tables and chairs and that type of thing. >> tables and chairs aren't on the sketch of the floor plan. >> i guess how you -- it's going to be a flexible space because you want entertainment, how is that going to work. >> if you look at the floor plan, you'll see there's areas in both of those sides, there will be tables set up along the
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wall, there will be the higher bar type table along there through to the dance floor, and then there's also a mezzanine area and there's an area upstairs where they'll be more of a fixed price dinner will be fixed up there. >> so, the dance floor isn't where tables are going to be, it's just going to be a dance floor? >> yes. . er the sound system, is there a compressor on that thing? >> a limiter? >> yeah. >> yes, there is. >> there should be a limiter on there. >> so, you understand what a limiter is? so, if voj goes out and touches your sound, says it has to be a certain level, you have to adjust it to that, that will lp monitor your control, the second thing is your music scheduling, who's doing that? >> to start, it will be third
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party outside promoter. >> so, who's screening -- >> it will have to be -- we haven't gotten that far to look at it, it would have to be the list of approved -- >> we have a promoter's list. okay, would you have you as the applicant have the final say? >> yes, i would, yeah. >> this is what happens in the past, you know, you kind of trust people. >> are you going to trust me? >> i trust you, but sometimes i don't trust the outside sometimes. >> right. >> i just want to say that the blue m cc aw has been overall a problem venue for us and i understand that you have a project manager by profession and as a project manager, you should know all projects have unforeseen things that you have to be prepared for that, and so i just want you to think of what your plan b is going to be
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in every situation because i would love to see you succeed. i would love that venue to be successful in that neighborhood which is an up and coming neighborhood. >> yes, it is. >> so, think of like if you can't find a promoter and a promoter burns you in some way, how would you provide the entertainment the next time around and there are lots of good people you can talk to. >> okay, thank you. >> if i might just, i know it's late, i want everyone to understand, i'm going to reiterate this again, the promoter in the san francisco website is not an approved list of promoters, they are not vetted in any way, they are simply registered, please don't misunderstand that somehow those are the a plus promoters in san francisco, that is not what it functions as and that is not what it is. >> i'm on that list.
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>> anybody can be on that list, good, bad or indifferent. >> what's good about it is there's some responsibility, so the police cannot just blame you, there's somebody else that's registered that they can refer to. >> we simply know in theory who they are, however, it is not a verified list, anybody can sign up from anywhere, so you must do your best to vet them yourself, you must find some people to assist you in figuring out whether these people have good references or not, and you do have good security, so i implore you to learn. er >> i will definitely be consulting with that, 15 years plus experience of dealing with promoters in san francisco. >> do you have an idea of what kind of programming you want, what kind of music you want?
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>> it's a little bit different, the dem -- demographics are a little bit different, a little bit older demographic, it's going to be a more french going demographic, when i did have my meet and greet, i was playing the music, everyone liked it but they were surprised they never heard it before and some of these groups have been around for five, ten years, so -- and the demographics i'm appealing to is 21 to 30 years old for late night but it's an older group, 30 to 40 plus, because that's younger than i am, but for clubbing, as you know for clubbing -- >> this is french clubbing music? >> yeah, it's a french influence club, i'll play house
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music and american playing songs. >> they have hip hop in paris, just so you know. >> but it's in french, yes, but it's a different kind of music. >> it sounds like it would be a stronger business plan if you honed in on that audience and that demographic group and see what they want, how many nights are you going to be able to get that crowd out versus a variety of facts. >> the scariest thing about this business is you invest all this money, you open up the business, you do the best you can, you comply with all the regulations and all of a sudden you're not making the rent and that's very scary, or you're not able to pay your staff because you didn't pull in enough money and then you fall off the proverbial cliff and start doing things that end up creating a problem venue. >> [inaudible]. >> well, i don't condemn any musical style, but i will tell you that i think when i said
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you need a plan b, you really flexed -- need to hone your marketing plan, if this doesn't work, how easily can i flip to that, how much of my income will be the food, the cocktails, the admission, you have so work with it. >> i appreciate that and we have, we've gone through an extensive plan, but you're right, you're right about that. >> alright. >> anymore questions from the dias? alright, seeing none, would the police like to come up? >> good evening, kristin mcdonald from mission station. mission station definitely welcomes a new venue to take the place of blue m cc awl which has been problematic for
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all, i'm also excited to have something different in the neighborhood than what's there already, he offers as he's already said french and creole and i personally when i was younger traveled on a train through paris and france and europe and exchange music was traveling aboard as well and i got the experience some of the music he speaks of and it was enjoyable, so i wish him the best of luck on that. as far as the conditions that were listed, there is an extensive list, however nothing out of the ordinary for a venue replacing the blue m cc aw, the only issue that mr. einselen brought up that we spoke about was number 3 on your list, i think that was just semantic, it states patrons must be visually and audio recorded, strike the audio, that was a
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clerical error, if you will, and again, you also addressed many of the same thoughts we had as far as business plan, what kind of venue he's promoting, what kind of crowd he's bringing in, it's excited to see the outcome, so if you have any questions. >> it's long. but nothing out of the usual, i don't think. >> do you know what kind of clothing you want the security staff to wear? >> the clothing is just something that distinguishes them easily from patrons. >> [inaudible] and striped shirts. and a mustache.
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>> and a baguette. >> i have a question for mission station, you are questioning proof of completion of score cards here, do you always require proof of completion to lead, or is that just us? we don't get it either? yeah, i think we should do that. do you normally request proof of lead training? >> no, the guard card as far as i'm aware, i'm still exceptionally new at this and i'm learning the road. >> lead, there's no classes. >> whatever, one of those, we can say lead and if they do tip, it's better, so they do lead, it will be passable. okay. i'm good i think. >> any other questions for the officer? great, thank you. do we have public comment on this permit?
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alright, seeing none, the matter is with the commission. >> so, i'd like to move to approve with our good neighbor policy, police conditions 1 through 15 and police condition 1 will also state lead training. condition number 3 we'll delete audio, although some cameras do record audio, they do, but we'll delete audio. and that is my motion. >> second. >> commissioner akers? >> aye. >> commissioner perez? >> aye. >> commissioner hyde?
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>> aye. >> commissioner joseph? >> aye. >> commissioner tan? >> aye. >> commissioner lee? >> aye. >> and i would like to say one of the best times i had at blue m cc awl, it was a fantastic party, so if you're looking for an idea, it's not very french. >> good luck to you. >> i'm sorry, i put my agenda, i know, i was thinking about baguettes. sorry about that. so, that brings us to number 6, commissioner comments and questions? >> happy thanksgiving, everybody. and everybody in the gallery. >> i would like to say that i went on a ride along with va
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granelli and we went through north beach and out in district 2, the marina and it was really enlightening, he does a fantastic job and it was great to see, so i would recommend that other people do that, it just gives you a different handle on how regulations happen and how things happen out there, it was a fantastic experience so i would like to thank voj for taking it along, i have to do it again, and also i would like to invite people for the harvey milk moscone memorial which will be on the 27th here at city hall, they will have speakers, and the harvey hills club will have an altar and a band and we will move on to the camera shop, so please come to remember some ofh
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>> the important question is will you be bringing me a present? >> some shoes, yeah. >> okay, and number 7, request for new business and future agenda items? i would like to reiterate that i would like to hear from david chu's office, and if that's it, i am calling this to a close. t
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francisco sfgtv meeting of the san francisco transbay joint powers occurring november 19, 2012 will begin shortly. >> good morning and welcome to the special transbay point powers authority board of directors meeting. today amonday, november 19th, and could we please take roll call? >> sure, i will note for the record that director harper is joining as ortiz's alternate. and with that, director harper? >> here. l


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